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Nominate an Outstanding Native Student

Nominate an Outstanding Native Student

Many Native American students in Minneapolis are doing great work in and out of the classroom. The MPS Indian Education Department hosts an annual Native American Achievement Celebration for students High 5 through the 12th grades to highlight their hard work and dedication to their education. We invite MPS staff and Community Partners to nominate students who excel in a variety of areas. MPS has many Native students who are doing great work in an out of the classroom. Students are involved in many extracurricular activities such as sports, cultural activities, performing arts, or leadership in the community. 

As MPS staff, you work with our students and see thier brilliance every day. We invite you to nominate any Native student you believe should be recognized for their success this year. To download the letter for MPS Staff and MPS Community Partners, click here.

We are accepting nominations until Wednesday, January 24th, 2018.

Please complete this online form or you can download a PDF form here.

Fax completed form to 612.668.0615 for email scanned form to

For further information contact Christine Wilson 612.668.0108 

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