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Tools To Help Your Student Succeed

Tools To Help Your Student Succeed
Native family at the Achievement Celebration

American Indian families have not had many reasons in the past to completely trust the educational system. One of the most significant events historically for American Indian people was the boarding school era. During this time period, families were forcefully separated, which did not allow opportunity for cultural survival. This has had a devastating effect on American Indian people.

Today, American Indian families are reclaiming the pieces of their culture and language through education. This is why it is imperative for parents and families to come together to be involved with their student’s education every single day. American Indian students face many challenges as they travel through their educational journey. Each student needs to feel included and supported by thier families, teachers, administration and community.
It is a responsibility to stay on top of their school work, important dates, enrichment opportunities, and other events. Ask questions, be persistent, and understand your power as a parent and/or guardian. The future generations and our community are counting on you!
American Indian Education is here to support your child's educational experience.
Please contact Christine Wilson, Family Engagement Coordinator at 612.668.0108.
document Historical Trauma Effects on Student Learning   --  American Indian people in America have experience a collective legacy of historical tragedies. Historical trauma is real and affects American Indian student learning in Minneapolis.