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Tools to Help Your Students Succeed

Tools to Help Your Students Succeed

The role of the Indian Education Department is to provide instructional support to schools in order to increase academic success for Native students in Minneapolis. By having access culturally relevant curriculum and high quality professional development through Indian Education, teachers have the opportunity to enhance their practice to better educate Native students. We offer teachers lesson plans, teaching trunks, a resource library, Indigenous language learning, and connections to the Native community in Minneapolis. 

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Smudging Basics

MPS Indian Education sometimes will provide teachers at the Best Practices Schools a smudge kit to use with their students in their classrooms. Many teachers require further information about this practice. For smudging basics, please click HERE

Historical Trauma & Engaging Native Students

Native American students in Minneapolis often suffer from the effects of Historical Trauma. To learn some strategies in helping your Native students succeed in your classroom, please review the presentation above.