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Ogichidaa Oyate

Ogichidaa Oyate

In 2006, the American Indian Community entered into a historic Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)) with the Minneapolis Public Schools. This first of it’s kind agreement listed a Native Youth Council as one of its priorities. This year Miskwa Mukwa Desjarlait, MPS Indian Education’s Youth Engagement Specialist, has brought that vision to life by facilitating the selection of a council for 2017-18.

We are excited to introduce the Ogichidaa Oyate (Warrior Nation), MPS school district’s first district wide Native American high school youth council! Native youth have an important role in their communities and families. Our young people will inherit Indian Country and make decisions about the future of our nations and communities. Native youth today are in the process of becoming the great warriors of tomorrow. It is essential for young people to develop their leadership skills and become engaged in their community. Ogichidaa Oyate, MPS Youth Council is an opportunity for Native American high school students to share how they envision their education and future! Native youth will partner with leaders in the Native community and school district to contribute their ideas about education. Ogichidaa Oyate will provide educational opportunities for students to learn about American Indian history, sovereignty, government to government relationships, and build invaluable leadership skills. They will be empowered to be the voice for their schools and their community on issues that impact them, their schools, their community, and their futures.

We celebrated Indigenous People’s Day October 9th, 2017 with a reception at the Davis Center by honoring and recognizing those who were selected to lead and be the voices of the young people in our schools and community.

Council Members:

  • Khaloni Freemont (Center)
  • Kasey Granroos (Edison)
  • Andrew Gross (Edison)
  • Treviontae Desjarlait (North)
  • Destiny He Does It (North)
  • Francis Cloutier (Patrick Henry)
  • Anthony Rudolph (Patrick Henry)
  • Lauren McKenzie (Roosevelt)
  • Iliana Zephier (Roosevelt)
  • Christian Freed (South, All Nations)
  • Samantha Gilbert (South All Nations)
  • Lecia Mata (South, All Nations)
  • Sydney Nelson (South All Nations)
  • Hema Patel (Southwest)
  • Iris Rhoane (Southwest)
  • Ashley Hicks (Takoda Prep)
  • Levi Little Elk (Washburn)
  • Maxwell McDougall (Washburn)
  • Riah Stroud (Washburn)